up to now tenthousands of INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS happened with people from all over the world. amongst them celebrities like the world famous violinist anne sophie mutter, national soccer players and their wifes, the dustin hoffmann family and many many more…..

everyone is welcome……and every session “happens” in an
absolutely unique way.

as “magic touch” for special EVENTS :

celebrations, birthday parties, weddings, new years eve,…..and booked by companies like ard, armani, apple, bmw german motors, bmg music, christian dior, cartier intern., channel 7, constantin films, cosmopolitain 25th anniversary, dolce & gabbana, escada, gucci, microsoft intern., pro 7,radio gong, regine sixt damenwiesn, ROLLING STONES european tour launch 2003 (yeeaaaahhh…!), rtl, sat 1, sony, D.L.D. house of art, munich and many more….