the individual sessions:


“from inner bondage to freedom………”

° what is my longing?
° what do i really want?
° what wants to awaken inside myself?
° what is my potential?

* solution focused brief therapy (developed by steve de shazer since 1982)
is about being brief and focusing on solutions, rather than on problems. we learned a long time ago that when there is a problem, many professionals spend a great deal of time thinking, talking and analyzing the problem, while the suffering goes on. so much time and energy as well as resources are spent on talking, rather than at looking at what might help us to get solutions that would bring on realistic results as quickly as possible. in focusing on your goals, desires, inner resources and strenghts, this is one of the most effective “therapy” methods for everyone who wants to make a positive change.

pratibha does not see herself as “therapist”.  in this methode the client is the “hero” , pratibha has the function of a muse…….

* coaching with TAROT und I CHING

TAROT is also called “the mirror to the soul”. with the help of this ancient mystical wisdom system it is possible to look into the development and ultimate potential of a situation or individual.

the I CHING (book of changes) origins from china, is older than 3000 years and belongs to the worlds most important scriptures.
it is much more than a divination system. it has the possibility to
answer to the question: “what should i do?”
therefor one can become a co-creator of ones own fate.

pratibha uses during her sessions  “psychic readings with TAROT und I CHING” both systems together in a symbiosis.
each individual reading happens totaly unique here and now.

bob dylan: “you just have to read the I CHING. i will only say so much: it is the only book that is phantastically true.
you read it, and you just know it’s the truth, something to believe in”.

c.j. jung: “the I CHING does not advertise itself with proofs and results, calling you to get closer.  it’s like a part of nature, waiting, until one discovers it.”



human energetics

“pain is the cry of body and spirit for flowing energy…..”

* heart healing and aura/chakra healing
energetical cleansing of the heart chakra and/or the entire energy system of blockages, trauma imprints, neg. emotions, fears and old energy attachments.

ALEX GREY from "sacred mirrors"

ALEX GREY from “sacred mirrors”

* gelübde und schuldzuweisungen

in verschiedensten inkarnationen haben sich immer neue glaubenssysteme, blockaden, gelübde und schuldzuweisungen in dein energiesystem eingebaut. bist du bereit, diese loszulassen?

* time line healing and past time line healing (letting go of karmic and genetic past).


* reiki
is an ancient, pleasant and immensely effective methode for harmonising body and spirit. universal CHI power will be transmitted, for regeneration, perfect relaxation, new joy of living and stimulation of your inner self healing powers. reiki is the universal energy of life, which we are all made of.


schamanische arbeit

* schamanische “seelenanteilrückholung”

* schamanische zellverjüngung nach lumira weidner

bioreader photographie deutsche heilerschule

bioreader photographie
deutsche heilerschule




who loves to party, can also do fasting!!! for many of us, it feels very good to make once or twice a year time for a few days of a basic physical, mental and spiritual cleansing.  this is especially effective with waning moon. we are consuming herbal teas, water, and a light broth of vegetables. the results are detoxing, purifying and cleansing, as well as the breaking of old habits. the “happiness hormon” serotonin will increase, as well as the nice feeling you get, when you look into the mirror…
with helpfull support based on many years of experience ( in partying and in fasting… ; -)) ) as well as mutual encouragement and relaxing detox- and stretch yoga.

next date: 02.01 – 08.01. 2016 we meet as a healing & fasting  group for 7 days. for further details and information please contact us.



spiritual care

“i dont belong to any religion.
my religion is love.
every heart is my tempel.”

“if you have not lived through deepest dispear
live has forgotten about you
and you are to be pittied.

if you have not experienced
the great, supreme energy of ecstasy
life has forgotten about you
and you are to be pittied”

“that”, which the dying person takes with him, is his “SPIRIT”.
he can neither hold on to his body,
nor his material belongings or his beloveds.

“no entity can just die !
eternity flows forth in everything,
prolong your self happily in beingness!
being is eternal: because the laws
are keepers of eternal treasures
that crown the ALL.”
(johann wolfgang von goethe)

“nature does not know extinction;
all it knows is transformation.

everything science has taught me,
and continues to teach me,
strenghtens my belief in the continuity
of our spiritual existence after death.”
(wernher von braun)

“oh, in this wild heart of mine
at night
rests homelessly
(rainer maria rilke)

“and as long you aint’t got this,
this: die and become
you are just a sad guest
on the dark earth”
(j.w. v. goethe)

version 2 : Rumi: “When I die” + recitation of original Persian/Farsi poem

When I die, when my coffin is being taken out
You must never think I am missing this world.
Don’t shed any tears, don’t lament or feel sorry. I’m not falling into a monster’s abyss.
When you see my corpse is being carried,
Don’t cry for my leaving.
I’m not leaving, I’m arriving at eternal love.
When you leave me in the grave, don’t say goodbye.
Remember a grave is only a curtain for the paradise behind.
You’ll only see me descending into a grave, now watch me rise.
How can there be an end? When the sun sets
Or the moon goes down, it looks like the end,
It seems like a sunset, but in reality it is a dawn.
When the grave locks you up, that is when your soul is freed.
Have you ever seen a seed fallen to earth not rise with a new life?
Why should you doubt the rise of a seed named human?. . .
When for the last time you close your mouth,
Your words and soul will belong to the world of no place, no time.


sunset merlift