self fullfillment is no coincidence….

what is human energetics?

human energetics is the study, practice and receptiveness of
energetic healing arts, and the intuition and opening of the heart.

“spiritual healing is needed next to all physical methods of healing, as it is based on willpower, imagination, faith and
reason, which are states of consciousness that act
directly from within”.

(paramahansa yogananda)

these succesfull ancient and sometimes also very avantgarde
methods have deep healing, balancing and liberating effects on the
entire energy system: the spiritual, mental, emotional as well as
physical level.

treatments and sessions take care so that energieblockages und disharmonies dont have to manifest themselves on the physical level as “illnesses”. through healing energy support one gets inspired and infused to develope oneself in a new more concious

your individual self healing powers, your own inner resources and abilities are being reawakened.

famous human energetics from antike times to today: paracelsus, kyballion, hildegard von bingen, paramahansa yogananda,
daskalos, barbara a. brennan, OSHO, PREM KAVEESHA,
TYOHAR, alberto villoldo ph. d., joao de deus, brigitte seidl,
sebastian lichtenberg, michaela bader, the shamans of high cultures and many more….



individual sessions:

* coaching

from inner bondage to freedom…

* human energetics

pain is the crie of body and spirit
for flowing energy…

* shamanic sessions

“soul retrieval” and methods of shamanic healing, cell rejuvenation and self renewal…..

* healing fasting

those who can party….can also do fasting…. ; – )))

* spiritual care

spiritual care, also the art of living and dying….